smitn bebe is kid-tested
and mommy-approved

Our mission is to celebrate the playful spirit of kids. We source stylish and quality items from my homeland Seoul, Korea that are kid-tested and mommy-approved.


smitn bebe creates mommy and daughter twinning moments

Hi, I’m Dahye Lee the founder of smitn bebe. I worked in the fashion industry for over ten years, first at a global women’s brand and then in technical outerwear before I got the biggest promotion of my life to: mommy.

This company is now my second (business) baby. We help moms create fashionable twinning moments with our Mommy & Me outfits, matching sibling sets, and other adorable items that will leave both moms and kids smitten.

We’re a proud female-founded Canadian small business based in Vancouver, Canada.

It all started with a tantrum …

After my daughter turned two, we entered a phase where getting dressed was a daily struggle. My mini-me copied everything I did and loved to match, so I started to coordinate our outfits to make getting dressed more exciting. 

I started the hunt for kid’s clothing that was on-trend, comfortable, and made from good quality 100% cotton fabrics. After searching high and low, I soon found there weren’t many options at a reasonable price so I went back to my roots in Seoul, Korea to find something better.

Female founded


Small business

Toddler approved Designs

Our pieces are fun with bold colors and vibrant designs. They are lovable items that kids will favor to have in their closets and wear every day.

Hand-me-down quality

 Our clothing is intended to be passed from sibling to sibling. We use our experience in the fashion industry to carefully examine the quality of a garment – assessing fabric, sewing, and production quality – to make sure it can withstand daily wear with minimal effort. We want you to throw it in the wash and never think twice about maintenance.  

Made for play

 Once it passes the quality check, I use my mommy experience to make sure that garments are great for play – comfy, breathable fabrics that let kids be kids.

For every occasion

From cozy sweatsuits for the home to special outfits made for birthday parties and celebrations, we have Mommy & Me outfits for all occasions.